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Dr. Karolina Fritz

Dr. Karolina is a gifted medium that has been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a small child back in Chile.  She hid these talents for a very long time. Preferring the scientific world, she attained a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology to block out this part of herself.

In her journey to embrace her gifts, she attended holistic nutrition school, where she met her best friend Danielle. Danielle was one of her students in Anatomy and Physiology class. Danielle encouraged her to accept her gifts and relentlessly urged her to stop hiding from who she is.  

Once she embraced her gifts and talents, she reconnected with the other side as the powerful medium she always was, often mimicking mannerisms and/or speech patterns of those who had passed on. She has the ability to see, speak, and feel loved ones that have crossed over.

Furthermore, Dr. Karolina uses her medical intuitive skills along with her training in energy medicine and holistic nutrition to assist people in understanding the emotional, psychological, and physical reasons why their bodies have developed an illness.

Danielle Hurst

Sensing spirits since she was young, it took Danielle a long time to realize that others did not have this ability.  Her most vivid memory of this time is having a wonderful and kind lady visit her in her dream and tell her many things.  A few days later there was a family funeral for the same women.  Blessed with a mother who understood these things and had many gifts of her own, Danielle was able to reconcile the two worlds, choosing a career in business but staying grounded and pursuing spiritual awareness.  After losing her mother, her best friend, to cancer, Danielle decided to attend nutrition school where she met Karolina.

About Us

Medium Squared is comprised of Dr. Karolina Fritz and Danielle Hurst.